Amendment 73: Triple Threat to Business Owners

This year, voters are being asked to pass Amendment 73. Recent polling data has it passing. Are you prepared?

The expensive economy-crushing $1.6 B blank check spending measure is a disaster for you and your employees.

Amendment 73 poses a triple threat to many Colorado small business owners because it will tax:

  • Your business

  • Your personal property

  • Your income (Individual and Joint Filers making $150,000+).

Authors of Amendment 73 claim the tax will help improve Colorado education. They want you to believe it taxes only a minority of Coloradans: both claims are untrue.

In reality, Amendment 73 will drive our economy into the ground and unemployment sky-high.

Amendment 73 is the tax that just keeps taking … year after year.

Remember: As an amendment to our state constitution, 73 will be almost impossible to get rid of once it’s on the books. Expect to pay high taxes year after year. That is, if you’re able to keep your business afloat here in Colorado.

Chuck Berry of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce said this about the unwieldy, deceptive ballot measure: “Amendment 73 would cement an extremely complicated measure into the Colorado Constitution with unforeseen consequences.”

When measures like 73 passed in other places, businesses pulled up stakes and moved to more business-friendly states.

Authors of Amendment 73, championed by big union organizers, drafted the deceptive measure. And they didn’t care what it would do to your business or our economy.

Get Vocal: Your business depends on the defeat of 73. Here’s how you can help spread the word about this ill-conceived and deceptive tax hike:

  1. Print the No on 73 Flyer to distribute to your employees, friends, family and neighbors.

  2. Go on social media: Retweet and Share No on 73 posts.

Paid for by Blank Check. Blatant Deception. Vote No on 73.

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Don't be deceived

A committed group of business associations, advocacy organizations, and individuals have formed a powerful coalition opposed to Amendment 73.  


THE COALITION INCLUDES: Colorado Bankers Association, Colorado Restaurant Association, Associated General Contractors, Colorado Association of Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors, Colorado Association of Realtors, Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Competitive Council, Ready Colorado, Independence Institute, Colorado Rising Action, Colorado Farm Bureau, Americans for Prosperity, Building Jobs4Colorado, South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce.

Join the Coalition to
Fight Amendment 73


Dave Davia, Executive Vice President & CEO at Colorado Association of Mechanical & Plumbing Contractors


Katie Kruger, CEO of the Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors


Luke Ragland, President, Ready Colorado