FEEDBACK | A week worth celebrating; a tax hike worth torpedoing

Colorado Politics: Torpedo this Tax Hike: “While I care deeply about education funding and reform, I cannot support Amendment 73,” Jeffco’s Norma Anderson, Former House Ed Chair.

Author: Colorado Politics - October 10, 2018 - Updated: October 9, 2018

Amendment 73: Massive tax increase is missing accountability

As the former chair of the House Education Committee, I was always a champion for teachers and students. As co-chair of a Legislative Study Committee which included outside research for financing our schools, I fought to be sure our schools received adequate resources. Also as a private citizen, I have supported local bond issues and rallied support for our school district over the years.

While I care deeply about education funding and reform, I cannot support Amendment 73. In fact, I am strongly opposed to this measure. Amendment 73 is being sold as a cure-all for education. It is not. Rather, Amendment 73 is a massive $1.6 billion tax increase that has absolutely no guarantee of education outcomes.

We all want to give our teachers a raise. They are some of the most dedicated, hardest-working and most underpaid professionals in the state. But this proposal does not have any guarantees that teachers would get all or even most of this enormous tax hike. This proposal gives a blank check for education without out any checks and balances to ensure where the extra money will be spent or if it will impact student performance.

If it does not improve education, what does Amendment 73 do? Amendment 73 would impose a massive $1.6 billion tax increase on tens of thousands of small businesses, farms, middle-income married couples and each and every homeowner in Colorado.

If this unprecedented tax hike is approved, Colorado would go from having one of the lowest income tax rates in the nation, to having the eighth highest — and the highest income tax rate in the Rocky Mountain West. Passage of this deceptively worded initiative is guaranteed to kill jobs and eliminate Colorado’s competitive advantage in attracting new business.

Coloradans have consistently named education as a No. 1 concern, and if you care about education as I do, let’s work together for improvement and reasonable funding. Let me assure you, Amendment 73 is not the answer.

Norma Anderson Lakewood

The author is a former Colorado House and Senate majority leader and former chair of the House Education Committee.

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